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Theme Builder 3 and above allow colours to be set at space-level...

Where are Confluence colours defined?

There are two locations where the actual colours are defined:

  • Administration Console -> Color Scheme: This defines the global colour scheme used throughout Confluence. It can be overridden at space level
  • Space Administration -> Color Scheme: This defines the space-level colour scheme (defaults to the global colour scheme)

Some of the colours are used by default within spaces:

  • The link colour sets the colour of all text links within the space
  • The background colour of tabs is set to the "menu bar background" colour

(lightbulb) Tip: You can create a link to the Confluence colour scheme using the colourscheme location of the menulink macro or compound-menuitem macro.

Using the Colour Picker

When you customise panels using the Panel Editor in the Layout Tab, you can select Confluence colours using the "Confluence" tab in the colour picker:

(lightbulb) Tip: Mouse over the colour swatch cells and the tooltip will show what the colour is referred to within the space administration Color Scheme interface

You can set the following colours using this approach:

  • panel background colour
  • panel border colour
  • text colour

Using CSS

You can use Confluence colour properties within the Custom CSS and IE CSS settings on the CSS Tab.

For example, you could allow the "Custom Colour" settings to be used to set individual heading styles as follows:

h1 {
h2 {
h3 {
h4 {
h5 {

For a complete list of the colour properties, see Confluence Colour Properties.