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It's possible to customise panel content based on the page being viewed or it's location within the space...

Show or hide content based on page

Use the builder-show macro or builder-hide macro to display or hide content based on properties of the current page such as its title, labels or metadata.

For example, to show content for a page with a specific title use:

{builder-show:title=Meeting Notes}
 The title of this page is "Meeting Notes"

To hide content based on page labels, use:

 This will be shown everywhere, except pages with a label of "do-not-show".

You can mix the macros together, for example if you wanted to show some content on the "Meeting Notes" page except when it has a label of "do-not-show", use:

{builder-show:title=Meeting Notes}
  This will be shown if the page title is "Meeting Notes" except when the page has a label of "do-not-show".

For more examples, please see builder-show macro or builder-hide macro.

Show or hide content based on location

Use the recurse=true parameter on the builder-show or builder-hide macros to check both the current page and all it's parent pages. For example:

 This page is in the tutorials section of the space.

We've used this method to create the Tabs shown to the left.

Move page content to a panel

The move-to macro allows you to move content defined within a page to a place holder within a panel.

You first need to create a place holder (or target) for the content within the panel:

{div:id=left-sidebar-custom-panel}This is the target{div}

To move content from the current page, wrap it in the move-to macro and specify it's target:

 This will be moved in to the target, replacing any existing content in the target

If nothing is moved in to the target, it's content ("This is the target" in the example above) will be shown by default. If the page being viewed moves something in to the target, it's existing contents will be overwritten.

This is useful because it allows you to customise panel content from within your wiki pages so long as the theme design provides targets for the moved content.

Page-specific layout

If you need extreme customisation for a specific page, you can choose to use a completely different layout. For more information, please see use-layout macro.

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