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I am using the users tag to create a listing of all members of a specific group. The display is funky in IE8 (not sure about the other versions). The control icons are floating a number of pixels above the box they belong to. Also, when the browser window changes sizes horizontally (ex: making it wider or narrower) the icons don't move at all. They stay stationary while all the other elements move around. This is no doubt some sort of CSS issue. I am running Community Bubbles 1.6.2 and Confluence 3.4.6. How can I fix this display issue? A lot of our users are on IE.

{users:group=Group Name|showControls=true}

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  1. Unknown User (

    I have further discovered that once the page is rendered, if the browser window size is changed at all the contents actually do shift back into their correct place. Also if you start typing in the search box, once the suggestions dropdown shows up everything shifts down to it's correct place as well. Is there perhaps some javascript that is initially shifting this stuff on page load?

    Any help on this? It is really frustrating!!!