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I've noticed that in some spaces a sub-group is created with the name <spacekey>-users in addition to the default confluence-users group.
But I don't understand the concept? It seems to me that these groups <spacekey>-users are created randomly as they are not in every space - not even all community spaces?.
Could you please explain to me how to get this <spacekey>-users group appear in every space?
Because we use a lot of communities with Bubbles it comes in very handy for a community space adming to update and synchronize his community members with the <spacekey>-users and only set permissions for this group instead of individuals.
But in some communities the <spacekey>-users group is not available and I don't understand how to create it.
Please explain the concept!
Ole Kristensen

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    When you setup the Community Types templates there is a field for the membership group prefix. This is where the automatic community groups come from when creating a new community. The permission scheme template defines the initial permissions that will be setup on the community space when it is created.

    If the community is already setup, under that space administration community settings, there is a field for membership group. (You will have to create this group and assign permissions manually if the space is already created.) Setting the group here will put all new community members into that group. In the latest release there is also options to manually synchronise the current members if you are changing the membership group.

    1. Unknown User (20108)

      OK -great advice and it works too ;-D