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Displays a portal admin screen.








Bubbles Version




The unique ID for the portal. Portals are setup by a Confluence Administrator, refer to Portals for more information.




current space

The spacekey that the portal configuration should be pulled from, this should be left blank to check the current space, or @global to check only the global list (if a portal is not found in the local or specified space then the global list is checked)



 My portal isn't displaying any widgets...

There are a number of factors to check:

  • Click the "Configure Portal" link and ensure that some widgets have been added to the portal (see Portal Configuration).
  • If widgets are empty (eg. due to insufficient privileges or macros within them not outputting any content), they will not be displayed.
 Is there a list of Portal IDs?

Not currently - you will have to contact a site administrator and ask them to provide you with a list of available Portal IDs.

A Site Administrator can see the Portal IDs on the Portals.

Hints and Tips

If you are using Theme Builder, you can place portals in any of the theme panels. You can see an example in the sidebar to the right of this page where we've used a portal to embed the Navigator widget and various other widgets depending on your privileges and actions within the site.

CSS Customisation

To follow.

See Also