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The {my-communities-info} macro provides snippets of information about the communities that you (or another given user) are a member of. This macro is intended to help users developing custom themes and layouts that wish to include community statistic information related to individual users. If you need information about communities themselves you may want to look at the community-info Macro.



The macro will output a single number value depending on the input mode param.






Bubbles Version




The community information to be displayed. The following options can be used:

  • memberCount - the total number of members across all the communities you are a member of. (This count is for unique users, so users who are members of multiple communities will only be counted once.
  • myCommunitiesCount - the number of communities you are a member of.
  • labelCount - used in conjunction with the label parameter the number of times the specified labels has been used in all the spaces that are communities you are a member of.





The label to use for the labelCount mode. This parameter is required if using the labelCount display mode.





Display the community statistic information for the given user. Note the values returned will be filtered by what the viewing user is able to see, so spaces that the viewing user can't see won't be included in the statistics. The following meta params can be used:

  • username - specify the username of a user.
  • @self - the logged in user
  • @creator - the user that created the page
  • @owner - ther user that created the space