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Loving the forum macros! (smile) But, is is just me, or does the showExcerpt parameter not work (in 1.4 at least)?

I've got a forum-summary tag in a page with showExcerpt=true against it and a forum page under it with an excerpt tag in the top of it but I'm not seeing excerpts in the summary table...

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    The showExcerpt param is supposed to default to true anyways. I am seeing a similar problem using the latest bubbles code, so it looks like there is a bug there that will need to be investigated.

    Out of curiosity what version of Confluence are you using the forum macro with currently?

    1. Unknown User (liam.jones)

      Ah, not me going mad then. (wink)

      This is under Confluence 2.10.3.