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When I add the forum macro to a page and then add a new page, the new page is not listed in the topic summary I've attached a screen-shot. I'm using the latest version of Confluence 3.2.1_01 and Community Bubbles version 1.6.1 – My language is English using UTF-8 – I've manually rebuilt the index as well as waited to see if the topics will display but they have not. I've posted topics as "standard" users as well as using the admin account. The topics are never listed in the forum summary. The child pages are listed at the bottom of the page but not in the forum summary. I've attached a screenshot.

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  1. Unknown User (swilc0x)

  2. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Sometimes it takes a few minutes for Confluence to index the new page. The forum macro will only list the page once it appears in the Confluence search index.

    1. Unknown User (swilc0x)

      You are correct. It was an indexing problem. The Java VM that confluence is using was consuming 95% of the memory assigned to it (512 MB total, just a few MB free) – I doubled the RAM to 1GB and the indexing occurs in seconds now.

      Thanks for the tip. I hope this post helps someone else in the future. You guys make a great plugin for Confluence.