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I've created a page with only {forum} macro. Here's how it looks (after I clicked Enable forum feature):

Is it normal? No any operations like create a topic..
If I add {add-topic} macro and click on its link. Then it just creates a new child page. But forum's view doesn't change:

I use confluence 2.10.2 and Bubble 1.5.2

What's wrong?

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    Your first question about the output of the forum macro being normal, is correct. You need to manually add a link to add topics etc. They are not rendered as part of the forum macro.

    As for the topics not showing up. The topic list is built using data from the Confluence index, so it may take a minute or two for updated topics to show up. You might also need to check your search indexing is working correctly in the admin console, and there isn't a large backlog of documents to index.

    1. Unknown User (shrike)

      I check Indexing in Administration. Search Indexing shows status Built 100%. Queue Contents shows "Queue is currently idle". But forum macro still doesn't show any topics.

      1. Unknown User (skrebs)

        If you go into the child page, which should be showing up as a topic in the forum, does it give you options like Sticky under the tools menu?

        Is your Confluence indexing language set to English, or another language?
        ( Admin Console -> General Configuration -> Formatting and International Settings )

        1. Unknown User (shrike)

          Yes, there's such option!

          My Indexing Language is russian.

          1. Unknown User (skrebs)

            It appears as though the russian lucene word stemmer is not compatible with numbers. I have found a similar bug in Jira which I suspect is also happening in Confluence.

            Within the forum macro we use the confluence index to search for the forum topics, part of this search uses the term +parentId:<IdNumber> or +ancestorIds:<IdNumber> to find the child or ancestor pages that are topics in the forum. When you search with the russian stemming algorithm the numbers are being removed from the search string, thus it will not find any results.

            There is a patch for JiraAnalyzer on the linked issue. I suspect the Confluence one will be similar. It might be worth contacting Atlassian support to see if they have one already created for Confluence.