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The section on styling widgets with css isn't very clear to me.

The possible classes are described below

Are these applied by default?

"Depending on settings (either in the portal definition or the widget macro), the rendered widget will be wrapped in a <div> element which will have various CSS classes defined)"

Nothing is being wrapped in a div for me. I am not using a portal. There are no settings in my widget macro to configure whether or not it is wrapped in a div. I'm using the latest version found in the plugin repository.

My setup is I've created a sidebar page (in a space) that has a widget macro and I am embedding this sidebar page in the right sidebar of a builder theme.

Help appreciated

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    There is a wrapWidget parameter on the wdiget macro that controls if the surrounding div is displayed, defaults to false. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to have made it into the documentation as yet, which I'll rectify now.