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These forums are a place where our customers can discuss the Community Bubbles plugin publicly and hopefully get questions answered by the community, share ideas and formulate best practice.

Just use the "New Topic" button to start a new discussion, or the "Post Reply" button to add a comment to the current discussion.

The forum feature is part of our

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Community Bubbles plugin

, which isn't yet officially released. Topics are really just wiki pages so you can do all the usual stuff such as watching, marking as favourite, labelling and exporting, etc.

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  1. Unknown User (jmdwitte)

    Hi all,

    What is the new release date for this plugin?

    kind regards,
    Jan-Mark de Witte

  2. Unknown User (

    I'm also looking forward to seeing Bubbles and curious of the date.

    1. Unknown User (taleswapper)

      1. Unknown User (dudester)

        Our team eagerly awaits the official release of this plugin. Any update on when it will be available?


  3. Unknown User (gfraser)

    We're currently doing a lot of testing and tweaking of the plugin with some of our larger customers, for example we've been refactoring the way the community features work (membership management, invite process, etc).

    It's likely that the first formal release of the plugin will contain a sub-set of the overall functionality (forums, portals/widgets, community features) with the additional features being released in subsequent versions.

  4. Unknown User (

    This new plugin sounds interesting.

    At the moment I am working on a developer portal, with theming goodness thanks to themebuilder. We are currently using jforums for forums. Downside is the loose integration means forums are not searchable in the same way as the wiki based content and we cannot cross link either.

    Have I understood correcting in thinking that one could use community bubbles to implement the forums section of our dev portal?

    1. Unknown User (gfraser)

      Yup, that's correct. We've cheated really - the forum macro just represents a section of the page hierarchy within a space as a forum and with some simple changes to the theme (eg. "New Topic" links instead of "Add Page" links, etc) you end up with a forum in Confluence.

      The first version doesn't have all the bells and whistles of dedicated forum software (although they will come), but you do get all the features that the wiki offers:

      • Easily searchable within Confluence, including attachments
      • Version history, comments, change notifications
      • Able to use all the usual wiki notation and macros in topics and comments
      • Mark pages as favourite, label them, page level view/edit restrictions, etc.
      • Controlled by the exact same permission scheme used for spaces - eg. who can add pages, who can add comments, etc.

      You instantly remove the overhead of maintaining a separate software application and all the integration costs of trying to link the wiki to the forum and vice versa. There's nothing new to learn either - you're still using the wiki, it just feels more like a forum and that makes people want to collaborate in a forum-like manner.

  5. Unknown User (cpaquin)

    Hi Guy and Alain,

    My 2 cents.. the Forum capability alone would be immensely valuable to the corporate Wiki market. Certainly, the other planned functionality of Bubbles would be great too (I can't wait to see what we can do with Portals and Communities), but forums alone could get you some instant customers.. and also stave off potentially lost opportunities to products such as Jive (or the plethora of OSS PHP systems).

    Anyway, just my vote to release {forum} now.. I'm sure you'd get a ton of orders from people looking to leverage common authentication, familiar UI, and search capabilities of Confluence.


  6. Unknown User (gfraser)

    I'm probably going to get some flack internally for this, but...

    Vote - Should we pre-release the forum macro?