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Do you have a certain strategy when using your Community Bubbles plugin? I'm trying to achieve a way to do social networking within confluence which includes grouping users and extending user profiles. We currently manually create a profile page for each user and add them to a space (directory) in confluence. We would like to use confluence's user profile or personal space functionality to allow the users to do it themselves.

There is a plugin called user information plugin which allows me to extend the user profile fields (but it doesn't work), however, it does not help me with my need to add labels and group users.


  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Yes, this is a major component within Community Bubbles that's scheduled for the 2.2 release. Most of the development is already done but it's undergoing extensive testing to finalise the API, macros, etc.

    The social networking features allow users to mark other users as contacts and state the relationship (currently from a taxonomy but we're considering a folksonomy instead with a centralised folksonomy <--> taxonomy system).

    When contacts are added, there's functionality that deals with getting approval from the other person (eg. if I say someone is my friend, they need to confirm that).

    There's macros to display lists of common connections - so if I'm looking at someone else's profile I can see if we have friends in common, etc.

    In terms of communities, scheduled for 1.1 release, some of our beta testers have been using them in pretty interesting ways. For example, one customer is using "network" communities to represent things like job roles, departments, countries, etc. to instantly categorise large numbers of people. On the user profile pages the communities are then listed so you can not only see what roles, departments, etc., they are in, you can also click the link to go to the community space and contribute in forums, etc. (if you have privileges on those spaces, obviously).

    As for the user information plugin, we dearly wish we could use it but it's proved to be unworkable. Factors such as the internal id's being random GUIDs (rather than named properties that could easily be accessed via an API and other plugins) and extreme complexity bloat due to integration with the reporting plugin have thwarted our every attempt to use it. Shannon Krebs, one of the contributors on the early versions of that plugin, now works for us - in fact he's the lead developer on Community Bubbles (wink) We're working on our own version that will have a simple API for both plugins and external systems but it's going to be a while yet as we've just got masses of work to do.

    1. Unknown User (mtran)

      Thanks for the info.

      any rough timeline of the release schedule?