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Review and manage watchers and favourites for pages, spaces and the entire site...


The "user interest" features allow review and maintenance of the lists of users that have marked pages, news items (blog posts) and spaces as favourite or watched.












Note: If you want to display the list of favourites for a specific user, see Favourites.


Page Favourites

Display and maintain who's marked a page as favourite

Page Watchers

Display and maintain who's watching a page

Space Favourites

Display and maintain who's marked a space as favourite.

Space Watchers

Display and maintain who's watching a space

User Selector

The User Selector dialog is used to search for and add users as watchers or favourites.

Site Watchers

Display and maintain who's subscribed to site-wide daily change notifications

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  1. Unknown User (dudester)

    After adding usernames to the "Site Watchers" (including myself), I do not receive any email notifications of updates or any activity to the site.

    I tested the Mail Server and it delivered the mail to my email inbox; there might be something broken with the notification of the "Site Watchers" feature.

    Could you please check? I am using "adaptavist-plugin-bubbles-0.9.54.jar" on a Confluence Evaluation License.


    1. Unknown User (skrebs)

      If you are adding yourself as a site watcher you should also be able to check if it has saved correctly by looking at the subscribe to daily updates option in your email preferences under your profile.

      If this option is ticked and you still aren't getting daily emails there might be some other problem with the confluence install. Is the evaluation server running all the time, so the job can run each day?

      I have checked against my local install and this seems to be working, I don't think there has been any change in that area since the 0.9.54 release was created.

      1. Unknown User (dudester)

        Thanks for the quick response Shannon. The "subscribe to daily updates" is option is indeed checked in the Profile's Email Preferences.

        The Evaluation Server is running all the time. I am now thinking there is something that needs to be fixed with our email configuration, as stated here: