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Confluence Version Requirements

Each version of the plugin may support different releases of Confluence. Please refer to the Release Notes for the version of the plugin you are using to ensure it is compatible with your Confluence version. Alternatively if you are installing the plugin via the plugin repository, you should only be able to install versions that are compatible with your installation.

System Environment Requirements

Like all Confluence plugins adding the Community Bubbles plugin to your environment will increase the amount of resources that environment requires. How this affects the performance of your environment will vary greatly depending on the usage of the plugin, then number of users you have and the current environment setup.

We suggest trialling the plugin in a test environment before jumping straight in and using on a production system.

We provide consultancy services to assist with performance tuning your Atlassian applications which may also be of benefit to large installs that are considering deploying this plugin.

Client System Requirements

We aim to support the same web browsers that the version of Confluence you are using supports.

Where possible we reuse the same UI elements that are built into Confluence during the development of this plugin to give a consistent feel to the application and also to ensure functionality works across as many web browsers as possible.

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