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This action allows you to view and, if you have sufficient privileges, manage users that are have marked the current space as favourite.

(lightbulb) Tip: Logged-in wiki users can mark a space as favourite from the "Advanced" screen within a space and also by clicking the (star) next to a space on the Dashboard. Some themes may include the link to mark a space as favourite inside a menu or in a side bar.


To access this action, go in to Space Admin and choose the "Space Favourites" link:

You'll see a screen that shows which users have marked the current space as favourite:

Users can find a list of their favourite spaces in their personal profile, on the "My" tab of the Dashboard spaces list and also using the my-favourite-spaces macro.

Manage Favourites

If you're a Space Administrator, Confluence Administrator or Site Administrator, you'll be able to add and remove users from the list.

Removing Favourites

To remove a user, simply click the

!Community Bubbles Plugin^delete2.pmg!

icon shown next to them.

Adding Favourites

To add a user to the favourites list for the current space, enter their username in to the text box at the top of the page then click the "Add" button:

If you don't know their username, you can search for them using the User Selector dialog.

Hints and Tips

You can also view and manage watchers of pages and news items.

If you're using Theme Builder 4 Plugin and want to add a custom link or menu item to this action, use the "webui" setting of the menulink macro or compound-menuitem macro. For a full list of keys and locations applicable to Community Bubbles, see Web UI Links.


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