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Some of our discussion forums are of a nature where they belong in several different wiki spaces, becuase the users have different backgrounds anfd therefore look in different wiki spaces for the same topic.

How could I achieve the following scenario:

Wiki Space A:

A page with the forum-summary embedded to display i.e. 3 children forums.

Wiki space B:

A page with the forum-summary embedded to display i.e. 2 children forums.

But now I also want to display child forum #2 from Wiki Space A as part of or concatenated with forum-summary in WIki Spce B

Is the above possible at all and if yes: How?

Best regards

Ole Kristensen

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    I don't think that is possible using the forum-summary macro. It only displays content from a single space, or root page within a space.

    If you just wanted to view the individual topics across a few spaces you can use the new topic-summary macro which was included in the 1.6 release. But by doing that you'd lose the categorisation of the different forums.

  2. Unknown User (20108)

    topic-summary might be enough, but it seems I get all the forums topics listed.
    Any way I can include only one forum or exclude the others by forum title for example?