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My question about the forum macro is how closely is it maintained along with the Confluence code base? I ask this because of my experience with Builder. I installed Builder for my Confluence instance a few years ago and now I have about 30 separate wiki spaces depending on Builder for the layout of their space. I am at a university, so I have very small windows of when I can upgrade my Confluence instance, and I'd planned to upgrade to Confluence 3.1 in January. However, I was told that a Builder plugin wasn't ready for Confluence 3.1 and wouldn't be, for a few more weeks (we need a window of about a month to test everything, before the upgrade date). So basically, I missed one upgrade window.

Now I'm being asked to install Community Bubbles and the forum macro. So I have this fear again. I understand that a forum can be just a part of a wiki whereas Builder really controls the entire wiki, but I have no idea if someone might make their entire wiki space be a forum, so if a similar thing happens in the future with a macro/plugin upgrade not being ready for the Confluence upgrade, I'm stuck again.

So this is where I'm just trying to get a little info on whether my fear for this forum macro being similar to Builder in the way described above is reasonable, or if there's some reason that I would never run into this problem with Bubbles and the forum macro?

Thank you.

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    Hi Patrick,

    As a general rule we will try to update our plugins to support the most recent versions of Confluence shortly after they are released. The order we do this in is influenced by several factors including, clients that commission work, support customers and plugins that we use ourselves internally. The changes that are made in each release of Confluence can also affect how long it takes to get a compatible plugin released.

    While the forum macro does not have the same impact on your entire site as the Builder plugin, if you have heavy use of the forum macro in your site, you are unlikely to want to upgrade to a newer version of Confluence whilst there isn't a released version of the plugin to support that version of Confluence. We do frequently provide development releases which will be compatible with the new version of Confluence before the official release, which may help in testing your upgrades.

    The only other thing I can suggest if you are making heavy use of our plugins is to look at our support service. This would give you a way to directly contact developers about issues you are seeing during upgrades and possibly get bug fixes affecting your environment prioritised.