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Still having a problem with community bubble. Confluence 3.0

Space permissions are OK. If I create the space as a community then only I can comment or reply (the community permissions are set to all users are able to comment, create pages etc.) If I create the space as a space the forum macro still runs, and anyone can comment reply etc., but naturally none of the community macros will run.

To try to verify what's going on I created a "space" and commenting behaved as expected. I converted the "space" to a "community" and lost all ability (other than me) to comment.

Any ideas?


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  1. Unknown User (

    Ditto! As a community - space creator seems to have all rights - all pages locked to the creator. I had to go in to each page and remove my explicit restrictions. Confluence 3001.

    1. It would probably help if you could let us know what values you are using in the bubbles permission scheme, it is certainly possible to setup your permission schemes so that it locks everybody else out.

      The most obvious way of achieving this effect is to leave each of the permission inputs blank ... this tells bubbles that nobody has permission to do anything!

      To tell bubbles to allow anyone logged in that they can comment etc.. then you can use confluence-users, to tell bubbles to only allow members of the community then use the meta-group %commnunity%.

  2. Unknown User (tim gray)

    The bubble permissions I set up:

    Enrolment: Open - anyone can join
    View: Confluence-users
    Edit: Confluence-users
    Admin: Confluence-administrators

    There are no viewing or editing restrictions showing on the page.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Aha ... I suspect that captilisation is your problem here, the group is confluence-users rather than Confluence-users

    2. Unknown User (tim gray)

      Thanks, problem wasn't capitals, but there was a typo in one of the groups - we had since rectified, but the bad entry was still here: "conflulence-users" (sad)

      Help is much appreciated.

      1. Excellent news (big grin)

        @Unknown User ( has this helped you too?

        1. Unknown User (

          Hi, sorry for the delay. Unfortunately, no as this wasn't my problem. I had a page restriction of my ownership added to all subsequent pages. Not inherited, but explicitly defined and I did not define them. I have since gone and removed the restriction of my editing and viewing and have not had a chance to create more pages or spaces with bubbles enabled to test the behavior.