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We add users to Confluence using Active Directory and have been experimenting with what happens when a person is removed from the AD. We have found that pages that the ex-user had added display the old user ID instead of their name (which is okay) except on the forum home page where the Topic list is displayed. If the deleted user is listed as a page author or a comment author then the topic list uses the name of the person listed in the topic above it, which is clearly wrong. Is this a bug and will it be fixed?

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  1. What version of bubbles are you using?

    1. Unknown User (martin-r)

      version 1.6.2 with confluence 3.4.8. We have found that when you remove a person through active directory that the user profile is deleted as well - even when that person has added content - despite what the Atlassian documentation currently says.

      1. Thanks, I'll add an issue to check that's been fixed in the next release - when it fails to find the user it should be falling back on the username as happens elsewhere in confluence.

        The user profile issue though is sadly outside of our control.

        1. Unknown User (martin-r)

          Thanks for your help.