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Portals allow you to group together a selection of Widgets and easily deploy them throughout your wiki using the {portal} macro.

Confluence Administrator Only

You need to be a Confluence Administrator to setup and edit portals


Access the Portal Manager from the Administration Console: Community Bubbles > Portals

When you first install Community Bubbles there will be no Portals setup

Adding a new Portal

To begin adding a new Portal click on the Click here to add a new Portal link at the top of the page. The following fields can be used to configure a new Portal.






This is the text that will be used to identify the portal for use in the Portal Macro. It should be a short abbreviation for what the Portal actually does. The ID for each Portal must be unique in the Confluenc installation, all characters will be automatically converted to uppercase letters.



The is a longer title for the Portal



A description of the Portal



The CSS class that will be applied to the Portal. Will be applied to the Portal table element, and also the surrounding div if Wrap portal and widget is selected. The Portal ID will also be added as a CSS class by default.

Wrap portal and widget


If selected the Portal (and internal widgets) will be surrounded by a div



If selected a configuration link will be shown underneath the portal to allow the portal to be configured in differently in each space. (This will only be visible to space administrators). If this option is not selected, the global widget settings will be used on all spaces (even those that have previously defined a custom layout).



If selected each widget in the Portal will be collapsible.



The header to display above the Portal



The number of columns in the Portal

Column Widths


The widths of the columns in the Portal

To put some content in your Portal you need to select some Widgets.




Controls if the Widget will appear by default. If display is not selected space admins will have to add this widget to the portal in their space to get it to be displayed.


Controls if the Widget can be removed from this portal.

From & Upto

These controls currently don't do anything, but are intended to be used in future to control the visibility of Widgets to users associated with communities.


By default which colunm the widget will be displayed in


Allows you to change the default order of Widgets and also to remove Widgets from the Portal


Editing a Portal

To edit an existing Portal click on the edit button in the actions column for that Portal. You can modify all of the Portal fields except for the ID. Any changes you make to the portal setup will be reflected everywhere that Portal is used. Changes to the default layout will only be reflected in spaces that haven't had their own layout for that portal applied.

Hints and Tips

Portals can be included in a page with the portal macro

If the portal is configurable in each space, space administrators can configure the layout for their space, see Portal Configuration for more information.