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This action allows space administrators to control how a Portal is displayed in their space. This will only be available if the Portal has been setup globally as configurable.

Space Administrators Only

You need to be a space administrator to configure Portals in a space.


To access this action click on the Configure Portal link where the portal is displayed in the space. (This link will only appear for space administrators where the displayed portal has been set to be configurable).

On the configure screen you can control what Widgets are displayed and in which columns they are displayed in. Depending on the global Portal settings widgets may be removed from being displayed in the portal.

If there are any Widgets configured in the Portal, but not displayed in the current layout they can be added using the drop down box above the columns.

Layout Icons:          

Move the Widget to the left one column

Move the Widget up

Move the Widget down

Move the Widget right

Edit the Widget, this will only be displayed for Confluence Administrators, any changes will affect all usage of the Widget in all spaces, not just the current space/Portal.

Delete the Widget from the current layout, will only be displayed if the global Portal config has not set this Widget to be mandatory. Any Widgets not displayed can be re-added using the drop down box above the column layout.

The changes made to the portal layout will affect all instances of the portal within the current space. If any changes are made to the global Portal configuration they will not affect any space with its own layout unless the Configurable option is turned off.

To restore the layout to the current global Portal config, click on the Reset button.

Future Functionality

The Wdiget information currently has a Shown between "" and "" line, this relates to communities functionality which has not currently been released and can be ignored. In the future it is planned that you will be able to control the visibility of Widgets in a Portal based on a users membership of a community.

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