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Permisssion Scheme allow you to define default permissions that are applied to communities when they are created.

Confluence Administrators Only

You need to be a Confluence Administrator to setup and edit Permission Schemes.


From the Confluence Administration Console: Community Bubbles > Permission Schemes

When you first install Community Bubbles there will be no Permission Schemes setup.

Adding a new Permission Scheme

To begin adding a new Permission Scheme click on the Click here to add a new Permission Scheme link at the top of the page. The following fields need to be entered to create a new Permission Scheme.






The Identification tag for this permission scheme

Display Title


The Short display title for the permission scheme.



A longer description of the permission scheme.



Controls how users are able to join the communities this Permission Scheme is associated with.

  • Open - anyone can join the Community
  • Moderated - anyone in the Community can invite other users
  • Closed - only space/community admins can invite members to the Community
  • Network - only site admins can add members to the Community
    For more information see Enrolment Settings



The default groups of users that will be able to view or created comments in the community space



The default groups of users that will be able to create, view and export content from the community space



The default groups of users who can administrate the community space.

For the View, Edit and Admin group lists you can also use the following placeholders for group names:


Represents anonymous users of the system. You will need to have the global use Confluence permission enabled for anonymous users for them to actually be able to use the system.


If the groupname prefix is specified in the Community Type configuration this placeholder will be replaced with the user group created when the community is created. (If there is no group member prefix defined in the Community Type this group will not be created.)

Edit an existing Permission Scheme

To edit a Permission Scheme click on the edit button () in the Permission Scheme list. All of the fields listed above except the Permission Scheme ID can be edited.

Any of the updated fields will only apply to newly created communities with this permission scheme. Currently existing communities will not be updated.

Deleting an existing Permission Scheme

Only permission schemes that are not currently in use can be deleted. To remove a permission scheme that is not being used click on the delete button (error) in the Permission Scheme list. (This option will only appear when there is no Community Type template using the Permission Scheme.)

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