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I'm building a collaborative space for an academic project and am looking to create a social element to it. The university uses Confluence and so it make sense to see what can be done within that. I've had a look at the Bubbles plugin and it looks quite promising. There is one functionality that I beleive is crucial to my project but cannot find any reference to it in the Bubbles documentation : I want users to be visible to each other so that they can tell who's online at any one moment and conduct a real-time interaction through the wiki. Is this possible, have I overlooked it in the documentation, or is it in development?

Any help much appreciated.

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    There isn't any feature in bubbles to show who is online currently. The User Lister plugin does have something like this, but it only shows the online status, there isn't really any way to have a real time interaction.

    The activity stream and user status messages that has been released with Confluence 3.0 might be of interest. At the moment its like a really basic version of Twitter within Confluence, but I'm sure more features will be added over time.

    1. Unknown User (

      Thanks, some promise here. Would the the User Lister plugin integrate with a Bubbles module?

      1. Unknown User (skrebs)

        not really. If you have communities setup with the bubbles plugin you could maybe use the groups functionality in the user lister plugin to show online community members (who are members of a given group), but there isn't currently any other integration.

        1. Unknown User (rajanrangasamy)

          Hi Shan,

          Still we are unable to show the community members, who are in online, with User lister plugin & Community bubble integration ? We don't know how to pass the Session ID of the community members in User lister plugin. We need the count (number of members who are in online).

          Any help would be greatly appreciated.


          1. Unknown User (skrebs)

            Please refer to the documentation for the User Lister Plugin. You can show the online users from a given Confluence group. If you have your community membership setup to add people to a unique group when they become a member you should be able to use this group to show online community members.

            There isn't any other integration between these plugins. Showing online users is not something that the Bubbles plugin community functionality can currently do on its own.

            1. Unknown User (rajanrangasamy)


              How to fetch the following details by using Community Bubbles plugin?

              1. Total number of Communities:
              2. Total number of Posts:
              3. Total Number of Threads:
              4. Guests Online

              Please guide me.

              Thanks in Advance....