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Dear support,

we have just installed your plugin and it works fine so thankyou for Bubbles.

We have already updated the index but still face the following problem:

In the portals we cannot see which widgets are included.

  1. In your documentation we found this picture of a widget-list.
  2. When we go to this side in our Confluence we see the list of widget as shown on the left side of your documentation-pic.
  3. But after adding a widget we cannot see the widgets we have added as shown on the right side of your documentation-pic.
  4. When we use the portal we find that the widget is includet in the portal even if we cannot see it as mentioned on 3.

We run Bubbles 1.6.1 on Confluence 3.1.1

How can we solve this problem? Thanks for your adive!


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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    What browser and operating system are you using? It sounds like something may be going wrong with the javascript used to display the widget config.

    1. Unknown User (innonord)

      Hi Shannon,

      Thanks for the reply.

      • We use IE8 on windows 7
      • Now tested with Firefox and there everything is o.k.

      So seems to be a problem of IE8.