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We have a forum containing 350-odd topics on confluence 3.2, community-bubbles version 1.6.2 (although was 1.6.1 when issue was reported - I updated in the hope of an easy fix).

A new topic that was posted yesterday does not appear in the forum listing.

The confluence indexes are up-to-date, and an index rebuild did not resolve the issue.

I tried adding the same topic to an identically-configured test instance, and the topic showed up no problem.

I started poking around the confluence index using luke as suggested at Comparing the index entries for the problem topic with a previously-posted good topic, I notice that the problem topic's isTopicPage attribute is not true.

Has anybody seen this kind of problem before ?
Is it likely that the isTopicPage attribute is the reason the topic is not showing up in the forum ?
Is there a nice way to fix (I don't want to directly tweak the index from luke) ?
Is there a way to detect if this happens again in future ?


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