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Haven't kept up with latest forum feature development or comments here so apologies if this feature suggestion is redundant.

Would love to see some admin functionality in the forums – at the moment I've got several forums where users at times post to the "wrong" one. Moving these can be done via PageTree for example but is a bit cumbersome (drag and drop with high volume forums, etc).

Would be great to see a simple "move" action for admins/moderators where page (topic) can quickly be moved as a child of other "Forum" page in the space. Or something along those lines.

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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    If you're using a recent version of Confluence you'll see a "Move page' option in the Tools menu (smile) Does exactly what you want - instead of dragging and dropping, you just start typing the name of the desired new parent page (and space if desired).

    If you want to move comments, we've released an open-source 'Move comments' plugin that allows you to move a comment branch to another thread or even start a new page/topic with those comments.

    1. Unknown User (juhalindfors)

      Thanks for the quick response, Guy. I guess I need to look at upgrading software packages sometime (but as usual, other priorities first)