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Bubbles provides a quick way for administrators to add their own custom cascading style sheets to Bubbles content without needing to create a custom theme. This action also allows you to disable the default CSS that comes with Bubbles if you want to setup the look and feel of your site in another location (such as with the Theme Builder Plugin).

Confluence Administrator Only

You need to be a Confluence Administrator to access this functionality


Access the Bubbles Global CSS action from the Administration Console: Community Bubbles > CSS

Defining Your Own CSS

You can use the Custom Bubbles CSS option to quickly add your own custom CSS that will be included with Bubbles content. Want to change the user profile layout, or add a background image without creating a whole new theme, this is the place to do it.

Make sure the Enable Custom Bubbles CSS is ticked, and enter your custom css elements in the text box below. Don't forget to hit the save button when you are done.

Disabling Bubbles CSS

Bubbles comes with some default CSS that will be included wherever Bubbles functionality is used, actions, macros etc. If you have customised the look and feel of your site and want to disable including this default CSS untick the Enable Default Bubbles CSS checkbox. If you want to view the default CSS click on the link next to the check box.

There is some CSS which will be included with Bubbles content even if this option is set to no. This is mainly stuff to do with admin screens, if you want to modify these elements you will need to override the default with your own CSS.