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I am using both of theses macros:


I have a set of pages that are restricted to view & edit to a particular group. I am able to see the data produced by the above macros; however, members of the group that have view/edit only get the:

There are no forums to display

There are no topics in this forum.

Version info:

Confluence 2.10.2
Community Bubbles 1.2.2

Any ideas?

Note: the users can see all children; they just aren't able to see the data from the macros.

Thank you – Marcus

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    In the 1.2 release of the Bubbles plugin what pages can be seen should be controlled by the Confluence index. Can the other users find the topic pages in question in a normal Confluence search?

    1. Unknown User (

      Yes - all forum pages show up in the searches: top level forums and topic pages.

      1. Unknown User (skrebs)

        One other thing to check while I think of it is that you have rebuilt the Confluence search index after installing the Bubbles plugin. If you have already done that it might be worth opening a support issue on so we can investigate what is going on in your environment in a bit more detail.

    2. Unknown User (fvakiliev)

      Yes. I have the same problem!
      Confluence 2.10.2
      Community Bobbles 1.5

      1. Unknown User (fvakiliev)

        But how? Who are some of the gurus will answer?

  2. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Remember that view permissions are recursive - the restrictions set on a parent page also apply to the child pages.

    1. Unknown User (fvakiliev)

      Even I myself do not see any pages that have created.

  3. Unknown User (dmitri)

    I have the same problem. All forum pages are shown in search results. Any solutions?