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In many cases you'll want toshow a small number of the most recent forum postson a space home page and have a separate page which lists all topics.

The easiest way to do this is to create a new widget with the following settings:



Display Title



Displays recent topics in the forum - a page called "Forum" must exist in the space and each child page of the Forum page is a topic.


{forum:page=Forum|none=There are currently no topics in the forum|count=10}
{align:right}[View All Topics|Forum]{align}


Wiki Notation

(info) The align macro requires a recent version of the Content Formatting Macros.

You can add the widget to a portal or simply place the widget on a page using the bubbles-widget macro:


(The xml backup of this example widget is also attached to this page if you want to use the import functionality instead.)

If you have Theme Builder 3.0 installed, you can further enhance the display using the builder-hide macro, builder-show macro and compound-menuitem macro with the following markup:

{builder-hide:page=Forum}Please create the [Forum] page and add the \{forum} macro to it.{builder-hide}{builder-show:page=Forum}
{forum:page=Forum|none=There are currently no topics in the forum|count=10}
{align:right}{compound-menuitem:newpage|flat=true|icon=document_add|caption=New Topic|page=Forum} | [View All Topics|Forum]{align}{builder-show}

This will display a message warning users to create the Forum page if it doesn't exist. If the page does exist, they'll see a "New Topic" link below the forum.

On the "Forum" page, simply add the following notation:

{forum:display=table|none=There are currently no topics in the forum|size=24}

That will list all forum topics using a more conventional tabular forum design.

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