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I am new to this forum, please excuse me if any mistakes in my request.

Actually we have purchased Adaptavist Theme Builder (3.3.2) longback, but few days back we planned to prepare a Forum in our Wiki space. We successfully created a Forum. But I am unable to find the option to set the navigation in Forum page.

How can i add a Topics Navigation for my forum like the below (highlighted).

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    If you specify the count param you can restrict the number of topics displayed and cause the pagination to be used for topics that are not displayed.

    1. Unknown User (ameer)

      Dear Shannon,

      I used the count parameter also. Here with please find the code which i am using for Forum

      {panel:title=| borderStyle=solid| borderColor=#ccc|| bgColor=95926F}
      {forum:display=table|showForumStats=true|showIcons=true|count=3|none=There are currently no topics in the forum}
      {add-page:template=Test|parent=TestTemp}New Topic{add-page} | [View All Posts|TestTemp]


      1. Unknown User (skrebs)

        What version of the Bubbles plugin and Confluence are you using?

        1. Unknown User (ameer)

          Confluence 2.7.1, Community Bubbles Plugin Version 1.0.3

          1. Unknown User (skrebs)

            The pagination options were only added in the 1.2 release according to the forum macro doco. You will need to update your version of Confluence so you can upgrade the Bubbles plugin to use the functionality you are asking about.