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Dear People,

we've got a little problem with the forum functionality.

Confluence 2.10
Community Bubbles 1.6.1

If you post an URL that includes an underscore ("_") in a forum entry (e.g. it is displayed correctly on the page, but not in forum overview. In forum overview the "_" is missing, so the URL is wrong - "unfortunately" the URL is clickable, so users are lead to the wrong pages.

See attached screenshots.

Is there a bugfix or workaround for this?

With best regards from Germany


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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    I think that is caused by the automatic summarising of the topic content. If you use the excerpt macro on the topic page it should print the full excerpt in the forum macro. Alternatively the fullComment param could be used to print the entire content, not a summarised version.

    1. Unknown User (martin_e)


      thanks for your answer. I've tried the parameters ... in "fullComment" view the URL is displayed fine, but you hardly can handle the overview page because of too much text.
      Should a set up a bug-report to Adaptavist?

      Best Regards,