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Forum Permissions

Confluence (and Space) administrators are able to control which users have access to some forum functionality by mapping forum permissions to already existing Confluence permissions.

The available forum permissions are:

Forum Permission


Add/Remove Forum Page Property

This permission allows users to designate a page as the root of a forum. Setting the forum property will enable the advanced forum features for that page.

Add/Remove Sticky Page Property

This permission allows users mark a page as sticky, within a forum. Sticky pages will appear at the top of a forum listing.

The forum permissions can be mapped to the Confluence space administrator or page edit permission.

Global Permissions

The default forum permissions can be defined at a global level in the Confluence administration console. The global setting also allow Confluence administrators to decide if the forum permissions can be changed by space admins.

Space Permissions

If the global settings allow, space administrators can change the forum permissions on a space by space basis.

The Forum administration link will only be shown if there are forum permissions that can be edited at a space level.