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I've set up a forum with children pages for categories. I've got that little bit working correctly (I think). On the 'main' forum page, I use the following to display the 'categories' which are child pages:


Then on those child/category pages I use the following:

{add-topic}Add Topic{add-topic}


The question is, what do I use on our homepage to show ten of the latest "discussions" from all of the topics?

I tried the following code but all it shows are the category titles with a weird excerpt:

{forum-summary:page=Discussions|none=There are currently no topics in the forum|count=10|display=list|recurse=true}
{align:right}{compound-menuitem:newpage|flat=true|caption=New Topic|page=Discussions} [View All|Discussions]{align}{builder-show}

The output from this is the following:

Best Practices & Requirements  - Add Topic Return to Discussions
Content & Strategy - Add Topic Return to Discussions
Development & Implementation - Add Topic Return to Discussions
General - Add Topic Return to Discussions
New Production - Add Topic Return to Discussions

Currently the only 'category' that has any entries should show the title "Test topic"

Then I tried the following and got "There are currently no topics..." though there should be the one I write about above:

{builder-show:page=Best Practices & Requirements}
{forum-summary:page=Best Practices & Requirements|none=There are currently no topics in the forum|count=2|display=list|recurse=false}{builder-show}

Help? Please?

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    Maybe the topic summary macro which is coming in the 1.6 release is more what you are after?

    topic-summary macro

    1. Unknown User (

      Thanks for the suggestion. That didn't work for me. It showed the latest updated pages. I'm thinking it was a weird Confluence thing going on because it's now working with the forum macro.