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Display lists of your favourite things...


While you can see a list of your favourites on the dashboard and in your personal profile, it's often useful to have a more customised list, often of a specific content type (spaces, pages, people, etc), in other parts of the wiki.

This collection of macros allows you to display favourite things in various formats and also display other users' favourites. The macros in this section deal with favourites from a user perspective, if you want to see favourites from a content perspective, have a look at the User Interest section.


{my-favourites} macro

Displays a list of favourites (pages, spaces, etc)

{my-favourite-pages} macro

Displays a list of favourite pages

{my-favourite-spaces} macro

Displays a list of favourite spaces

{my-favourite-users} macro

Displays a list of favourite people

{add-favourite-user} macro

Outputs a link to add a user to your favourites

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