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I am using an evaluation license of Confluence and have installed Theme Builder and Community Bubbles plugins. The online documentation indicates both plugins will operate in the evaluation mode as long as Confluence evaluation is valid.

However, adding

Unknown macro: {forum}

in a space produces "Not licensed!".

Am I doing something wrong?


  1. Did you visit the licensing action and accept the EULA yet?

  2. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Received email from Rus:

    No, sorry. I had done that for Theme Builder but not Community Bubbles;-( Sorry for the noise.

    Thanks for responding.

    @Alain/Shannon: Worth making that "Not licensed" message more descriptive - eg. "Please review EULA" (linked to EULA page)?

    1. Unknown User (skrebs)

      I've added a really simple check to the LicensedMacro super class so it will throw an error with You have not accepted the End User License Agreement in this case.

      We could look at getting a bit more complicated eventually, since there is a few different failed license statuses that could do with better error messages.