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Originally posted by Unknown User (sfwinter) on Email Users

Is there any way for a space administrator to have access to this? The majority of our space administrators are not site administrators for logical reasons, but they do have a need to email members from time to time.

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    I can see it would make sense for space admins to be able to email users who are members of a community, or have contributed to a space etc. This isn't currently possible though.

    (Apart from finding time to implement the feature) my main concern would be the way this would allow users to sidestep the wiki as such, when it might be better to add a blog post or a page.

  2. Unknown User (sfwinter)

    Shannon, I understand the value in having users interact with a wiki by normal conventions (desire to see new content, page watches, etc). We just have an environment where the need to send emails to community members comes up from time to time. And, as site admins, its not really something we can afford to offer and maintain. Also, our current community solution does offer this. But we are migrating to confluence/bubbles in hopes of a more interactive environment.

    Any workarounds?

    1. Unknown User (skrebs)

      Unfortunately there isn't any workarounds since the action is hardcoded to check for administrator permission.

      It is a worthwhile feature, for sites that want to work that way. I think its something that will eventually get implemented, but finding time to do it soon will be difficult unless the work is funded.