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The Email Users admin action allows Confluence Administrators to send broadcast emails to members of Confluence groups.

Confluence Administrator Only

You need to be a Confluence Administrator to access this functionality


Access the Email Users action from the Administration Console: Community Bubbles > Email Users

Email Group

You will need to select the group the email is being sent to.

  • Confluence Group This option allows you to specify a confluence group to send an email to.
  • Recently Created This option lets you email people that have been added to Confluence since the specified date.
  • Recently Contributed This options lets you email people that have created or edited content since the specified date.

When you click preview you will see the list of individual users that the email will be sent to.

Body Text

The email is sent to all users in html format, regardless of their personal email settings. You can use basic wiki syntax in the body of the message which will be converted to html when the email is sent.


  1. Unknown User (nkchop)

    Is there a limitation on the number of users that can be listed within an Email Users to field? A group size limitation? Our main list of users does not appear in the preview "To" textarea, it does however for smaller groups.

    1. Unknown User (skrebs)

      I've created a new form topic for this and replied here: Email Users Group Selection