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Are there any functional differences between ordinary Space and a Community Space - once you install Community Bubbles?

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  1. Unknown User (

    Ok! I noticed that they're obviously not the same.

    Now i have another question - is it possible to prevent addition of spaces (in favor of comunity spaces) altogether?

    It's really a conceptual question - since I believe that using communities would be best for projects while ordinary spaces are more suitable for common usage.

  2. The only difference between a standard space and a community space is that the community space has a couple of pieces of metadata applied to it that tell it what kind of community it is ... everything else is the same.

    Yes, using communities for projects and ordinary spaces for common usage is one of the most frequent use-cases for bubbles.

    You can only prevent the adittion of spaces through the create-space permission, this would of course prevent users from creating communities too.

    Way back when, before bubbles was openly released, there was a system in place for requesting communities to be created (so that users without create-space permission could request communities to be created for them), however the interface was so unfreindly that the code never got released to the public.