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We've opened a new development section where you can view and comment on some of our internal development tasks.

For more information, see: Wiki.

If you have any comments or suggestions on the development section as a whole, feel free to post replies on this topic.

You're more than welcome to comment on individual pages within the development section - the more feedback we can get from beta testers and customers, the better.

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  1. Unknown User (jmdwitte)

    Just for my curiosity, does the forum macro allow to create templates to fill in? I have a requirement to create a forum that is as easy as possible, so just let people fill in a template to create a new topic for which some fields must be filled in.

    I am able to build a situation that comes near to this with the scaffolding plugin of customware, but is this also possible with the forum plugin? Can it be integrated with the scaffolding plugin?

    Another point: I would also like to see a button to add an attachment to a post. Is this possible with the forum macro?

    1. Not yet ... that is something that I would like to do though .. it would probably take the form of a confluence template argument to the 'create post' link ... i'll bear it in mind while I'm fixing the issue with not locking down the original posts.

    2. Unknown User (gfraser)

      The topics are just wiki pages - so depending on what link is clicked to "add new topic" I suppose you could use templates or scaffolds as the basis of topics.

      The forum macro just lists out topics, the topics themselves are just wiki pages. It's kinda like cheating really, but it's amazing how it changes peoples perception of the wiki and thus promote more discussions. Anyway, being pages they have all the usual features such as attachments, macros, etc.

      1. 0.9.52 contains an add-topic macro that uses a modified page creation action to automatically apply the user level edit restriction ... it doesn;t yet allow creation of pages based on a template, but once the current action has been tested a bit I will add the templating.

      2. Unknown User (

        Thanks Guy... I didn't have a clue before I read this.