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Our company works since 2 months with CONFLUENCE Version 3.1.1

Thirteen colleagues have a diary (watch) report activated. So until five days ago they have being receiving updates of the last 24 hours in CONFLUENCE without problems.

Unfortunately, nobody receives these dairy updates now, after I installed the Community Bubbles Plug-in and rebuilt the Content Index.

Please could you give information about this trouble?

Thanks in advance!!!

Best Regards,


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  1. Unknown User (gfraser)

    Have you checked the main server settings in Confluence administration? There's a 'test' feature in there that will send you a test message. If that's not working then no emails will be sent from Confluence.

    Community Bubbles uses the Confluence API to send emails, ie. it asks Confluence to send the emails rather than sending them itself directly. So if Confluence is not sending out emails you'll need to track down that issue first - it's usually caused by incorrect mail server settings in Confluence admin or a problem with the actual SMTP server used by Confluence.

  2. Unknown User (

    Hi Guy (or anyone out there having problems with Daily Changes Email)
    I faced a similar problem. I have tested the Email server in Admin page and performed a Send Test Email and it works. But when as a user/SystemA dministrator, I have checked the checkboxes to receive daily updates and also my own changes and yet it is not sending me those emails.

    What else should I check?

    Looking forward to your response