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Using Community Bubbles 1.6-m4 with Confluence 3.1-rc1 breaks the Wiki Markup button.

Disabling the plugin also isn't enough to fix the issue. I had to completely delete the adaptavist-plugin-bubbles-1.6-m4.jar file before I could get the Wiki Markup button to work again.

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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    I've just got a clean standalone install of Confluence 3.1-rc1 with the bubbles 1.6-m4 build installed. Unfortunately I can't reproduce the problem in this environment. The /admin/classpath.action tool shows no duplicates with the plugin installed and the editor tabs seem to work correctly in IE.

    Are you able to reproduce the problem in a clean environment, or tell us a bit more about your environment so it can be reproduced?

    Needing to shutdown confluence to get rid of the problem suggests that something may have gone awry in the initial plugin install, but I'm only guessing at this stage.

  2. Unknown User (enderandrew)

    The environment is about as clean as it gets. I installed Windows Server 2003 R2, patched it, installed JDK, Confluence 3.1-rc1, and then this.

    I haven't installed anything else.

    It is a fresh Confluence environment with basically no content, and no other users set up yet. I'm not really using hardly any plugins yet. In fact, I've been disabling quite a few to make sure they weren't the offending parties.

    Are you using TinyMCE?

    That seems to be the specific conflict. the /admin/classpath.action tool says the duplication exists between DRW and Community Bubbles, but I only have an issue with TinyMCE enabled. Without TinyMCE I have an edit tab, and I can go to the preview tab.

    With TinyMCE, that is the default tab. If I try to go to the Wiki Markup edit tab, I get an error, because DRW is not generated a JS file it needs to.

    1. Unknown User (skrebs)

      Yes, I have a default 3.1-rc1 install so the rich text editor is the default currently. As I said above I don't see the classpath duplicate error so am unlikely to notice the actual symptoms in the editor.

      My test environment is using the apple supplied JVM on OSX so there is one possible difference there.

      If you have a support contract with Adaptavist (or valid commercial licence for the Bubbles plugin) I'd suggest filing an issue on our support system so we can investigate further. Unless it turns out to be a reproducible problem affecting many plugin users I'm not going to be able to devote much time to investigate unfortunately.