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Community Types define what sort of communities can be created in the Confluence instance. Community Types can be used as a way of categorising communities as well as defining initial template values that can be used when new communities are created.


You need to be a Confluence Administrator, System Administrator or Superuser to configure Community Types. If you haven't already done so, please read Community Configuration to learn more about community types and their related settings.

From the Confluence Administration Console: Community Bubbles > Community Types

You'll see a list of any existing community types, along with options to add new entries, and edit or delete existing entries.

Add new community types

Note: Before a new Community Type can be created you need to have setup at least one valid Permission Scheme.

To add a new Community Type click on the Click here to add a new Community Type link at the top of the page.

The following fields need to be entered to create a new Community Type:






the identifier of the community type (used in macros)

Display Title


The name of the community type



The description of the community type



The Confluence Theme to use for this created community



The builder layout to use for the created community

Layout Lock


Lock the builder layout so that the space admin cannot change it

Default Portal


The {portal:PORTALID} macro to insert as the content to the home page

Membership Group Prefix


A prefix to apply to the user group created when a community of this type is created. If no prefix is specified no group will be created, this may prevent community members from being able to see a community space depending on the permission settings. The Confluence group created will follow the format <prefix>-<spacekey>.

Permission Scheme


A list of the possible permissions schemes that can be used with this community type, multiple permission schemes can be selected, the one used will be chosen when the community is created.



a list of labels to apply to the space once created/converted to a community.

Team Labels


a list of team labels to apply to the space once created/converted to a community.

Editing existing community types

To edit an existing community type, click on it's ID or the edit icon () shown next to it. You can edit any of the fields except for the community ID.

Most of the settings are only applied when creating new communities, so changing the values won't affect any communities that have already been created.

Deleting an existing community type

You can only delete community types that aren't currently in use by any community spaces. The (error) icon will appear next to any community types that can be deleted.

If you want to delete a community type which is currently in use, use the communities macro to find a list of all existing communities of that type then edit their community settings to change to a different community type. You'll be able to delete the community type when it's no longer being used by any spaces.

Creating a new Community

To create a new community based on a given type click on the create new community icon () or use the create-community macro. For more information, please see Creating Communities.