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Once a community has been created it is easy to adjust the enrolment and membership group settings.

Community (Space) Administrator Only

You need to be a Community (Space) administrator to be able to adjust the community settings.


Under the space administration menu there will be a link to manage the community settings. (If your space is not currently a community this link will allow you to convert your space into a community.)


Changing Community Settings

The following community settings can be updated. Make sure you click on the update button to save any changes.

Community type

Change the community type for this community. This will affect how some macros that filter by community types but won't change any other settings. (Default settings from the Community Type template are only applied when you create a new community.)

Community enrolment

Select the enrolment type for this community.

Membership Group

Change the community membership user group. This will only affect new members that join the community after the update. Any group name specified will be converted to uppercase. If the group does not exist it will be created the next time a user joins the community. The group will not be added to any space permissions, you will need to do this manually if you want community members to have access to view the space they are a member of.

Users that are not Confluence administrators will only be able to set groups that they are also members of

This field can be left blank if you don't want to add users to any groups when they become members of the community.

Synchronise Community Members

This section allows you to synchronise the users that are members of the community with the confluence membership group, and vice-versa. This is a handy tool to use if changing the community membership group, or when you are first setting up a community.

This functionality will also check the community membership user list for users that have been removed from Confluence.

Since 1.6

This functionality was added in the 1.6 release of the plugin.

Removing Community Settings

To remove all community data from the space click on the remove button. This will remove all of the community membership data for the space. This action is can not be undone.

The space permissions and theme will not be changed by this action. If you also want to restrict access to the space from the users that were previously members you will need to change the space permissions manually.

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