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The Community Bubbles add-on is archived.

The forums functionality is now available in our popular Community Forums add-on for Confluence 5.0+. Support for the Community Bubbles add-on will be provided until the end of 2014.

Read the announcement about the retirement of the add-on on our blog.

Socialise Confluence!

You can also view Community Bubbles on our website .

So, you've got all your company's tacit knowledge stored in the wiki – meeting notes, documentation, employee handbooks, etc... There's just one thing missing: People!

Community Bubbles adds humans to the mix and encourages even more interaction between the people using your wiki.

It's not about turning your wiki in to a Facebook clone though – you don't want people turning in to vampires or writing utter gibberish on each others' walls. That would be bad. The key to success is to add these features in a way that doesn't detract from the primary goal of Confluence - collaboration via the wiki.

Why use the Community Bubbles plugin?

Community Bubbles adds forums, social networking, portals, community management and a whole bunch of other stuff to your wiki to help highlight the presence of people and encourage them to interact.

Want to know more?


  • The latest compatible version right now is Version 3.0.0 compatible with Confluence versions 5.0 - 5.1.5

  • You can always check the compatibility for other version of Confluence from the Atlassian Marketplace 


Community Bubbles is available for installation from the Atlassian Marketplace, using Confluence Server Administration > Universal Plugin Manager (UPM), or by download from the  Atlassian Marketplace .

Plugin Licensing 

Community Bubbles is a free plugin, so can install the Free License to your installation using the Plugin Licensing Manager


Want more product information?

Check out the system requirements.


Browse our online documentation that's packed full of examples, hints and tips.

For Confluence versions 4 and below here is the documentation.

Having Problems?

Check out our troubleshooting guide to quickly solve common problems.


Read archived questions and answers from the community in our read-only Forum.


Download now and start socialising your wiki...

Plugin Support

We offer plugin related support, Product Support Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Adaptavist Products and Plugins.


We post announcements via the Adaptavist account on Twitter.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Community Forums

If you need more explanation or have any other questions then please contact us.

 What is the difference between Community Bubbles and Community Forums?

Community Forums used to be embedded in Community Bubbles but it was separated in a different plugin from Confluence 5.x and it works independently of having Bubbles installed or not.

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