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The 1.6 release of the Community Bubbles plugin provides updates to commonly used features and supports Confluence 3.1 for the first time.

New and Notable

There is a number of new and updated features in this release, please see the sections below for more information.

Confluence 3.1 Support

This release now supports Confluence 3.1 officially. There have been a number of changes to javascript code and deprecated method calls removed to make this release compatible with Confluence 3.1. This release also maintains backwards compatibility with the last bug fix release from the Confluence 2.10.x branch.



Community Updates

Membership Synchronisation

A much requested feature delivered in this release is Community membership synchronisation. This features allows community admins to synchronise the community membership with a Confluence group. Great for adding large numbers of already existing users to a newly created community. See Community Settings for more information

User Profile 'My Communities' updates

The user profile My Communities action has had a face lift in this release. Much more information is displayed about each community you are a member of. See Community Membership Profile Tab for more information.

Global Community Settings

There is a new admin menu option for global community settings. In this release there is one global setting that allows the admin user the specify the from address for community invitations.

Macro Updates

New macros my-invited-users macro and my-communities-info macro are available in this release.

There have also been functionality and parameter updates to the create-community macro and the my-invites macro.

The bubbles-show macro and bubbles-hide macro have also received an update in this release so you can hide or show content based on the community type or membership enrolment type.

Forum Updates

Forum Macro Updates

The forum macro has two new parameters, author and participant. These parameters allow you to filter the displayed topics by individual users.

Topic Summary Macro

Another much requested feature the topic-summary macro is a new macro in the 1.6 release that allows you to display forum topics from an entire space. This means you can have multiple forums setup within a space and setup a single Topic Summary Macro to view the most recently updated, or most active topics.

Forum Info Macro

The forum-info Macro is a new macro to help theme builders that want to display snippets of information about a forum within a space.

Other Updates

My Favourite Pages

The my-favourite-pages macro now has a new spacekey parameter that allows you to display a user's favourite pages from a single space only.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

Along with the highlights mentioned above, there are over 50 bug fixes and improvements that have made it into this release. To browse the full list please check out the plugin project in Jira here.

Download and Installation

This release of the Community Bubbles plugin supports Confluence 2.10.3 and later.

You can download this release from the Atlassian Marketplace (click on the previous versions link to see all files) or install from the plugin repository.

New Installation

Even though this version of the plugin does not require a license to run, you still need to accept the End User License Agreement after installation for the first time before you can use any of the functionality of the plugin. (This is available from the admin console after you have installed the plugin.)

Reindexing Needed

If this is the first release of the Bubbles plugin that is being installed into a Confluence instance you will need to rebuild the search index after installing to use some of the new features. If you are going to enable the new Activity Score functionality for forum topics it would be advisable to set this up first as this will also require an index rebuild.

Upgrading from a previous release

You can easily upgrade from a previous version of Bubbles by uninstalling the old version and uploading the new version into your Confluence instance. Or you can upgrade via the plugin repository. You configuration and settings will automatically be picked up by the new version.

If you are upgrading from the 1.5.x release or earlier please note you will need to run a full site reindex after install to use some of the new features.

If you are upgrading from a release before 1.2 please refer to the 1.2 release notes for information on updates to the forum macro that were included in that release.


If you have any questions about the functionality in this plugin, find a bug, or have suggestions about how features could be improved please let us know via the Bubbles Forum Archive in this space. The free release of this plugin is covered by our general community support.

Commercial support customers can also create issues in the Bubbles Support Project (USUP) in the Adaptavist Tracker for any issues encountered while using the plugin. Please contact Adaptavist if you want more information about our commercial support service for this and other plugins.

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