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Community Bubbles 1.3 Milestone 1

This is the first development release of the 1.3 version of Community Bubbles plugin. This release is a snapshot of our current development and is not intended for production use!!

New and Notable

This release is the first milestone build for the 1.3 version of the Community Bubbles plugin. In this release we have been working on identifying which topics within a forum are the most active. Active topics get an extra icon displayed beside their listing (in table mode only currently).

The forum topic list can now also be sorted by the activity score of the topics, so you can see the most active topics at the top if you want.

The way the calculation is done is also configurable under the forum configuration options, so you can decide how much weighting each comment or page edit receives in the calculation, or how long the score takes to expire, since you don't want content that hasn't been updated in ages appearing as the most active content.

Also in this milestone build we have fixed a bug with the macros that show space icons, like the {communities} and {my-communities} macros so if the space icon has been edited, it will display the edited icon correctly.

Download & Installation

You can download this release from here.

This release supports Confluence 2.9 and above. Since we have updated the minimum Confluence version for this release java 1.4.2 is no longer supported.

Re-Indexing needed

As there has been some updates to the search extractors used to add extra information to the Confluence index, you will need to rebuild your Confluence search index after installing this release. (If you are going to experiment with the new Activity Score functionality you may want to enable this first, since it will also require a Confluence index rebuild after enabling.)

If you have any suggested improvements for the new functionality, or find a bug, please let us know via the Bubbles Support Project (USUP) in the Adaptavist Tracker or via the Bubbles forum in this space.

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