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Community Bubbles 1.2.2 contains some bug fixes that have been resolved since the 1.2.1 version was released. It is a recommended update for all users of 1.2.x releases.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

A bug has been fixed with the Community Type administration that prevented previously used (but no longer in use) Community Types from being removed. The Communities macro has also been updated so the functionality matches the documentation so it defaults to showing communities with any enrolment scheme. Previously it only showed the communities with OPEN enrolment by default.

When Confluence configured to use external user management occasionally notification will be left behind when users are removed from the system. These would show up as anonymous users watching a page or a space. This release includes an update that shows the user name of the now non existent user, and allows the watches to be removed. A bug was also fixed with the user interest functionality that gave an access denied message to some space administrators in Confluence 2.10.

The complete list of issues resolved in this release can be viewed here


New Installation

This release requires Confluence 2.8.2 or later.

Visit the Atlassian Marketplace page to get the latest version or install via the plugin repository.

Confluence Index rebuild required

This version of the plugin contains functionality which adds extra information to the Confluence search index. After installing the plugin the admin user needs to run an index rebuild so that the new index fields are created for existing functionality.

Please make sure you are using a supported version of Confluence before installing this version of the plugin.

Upgrade from 1.2 or 1.2.1

If you are currently using the 1.2 or 1.2.1 version of the plugin the upgrade should be straight forward, simply uninstall the old version of the plugin, or update via the plugin repository.

Upgrading from an earlier version

Please refer to the 1.2 release notes for information about updating from earlier versions.

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