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Community Bubbles 1.2 Milestone 2

This is the second development release of the 1.2 version of Community Bubbles plugin. This release is a snapshot of our current development and is not intended for production use!!


You can download this release from here

New and Notable

This release builds upon the forum functionality from the previous milestone build. Confluence and/or space administrators can now control what Confluence permission is required to use functionality like marking a forum root page, and making forum topics sticky.

Also in this release we have added some stats that can be displayed with the forum macro to show the number of topics and comments in the forum. Included with this is a very basic functionality to show topics that are 'new' for individual users.

From this version the default display mode for the forum macro has been changed to table.

As there have been changes and additions to the index extractors since the last milestone build you will need to run a complete re-index of your content after installing this new milestone version.

Documentation for these features is still under development. As we create the documentation it will be added to the Wiki section of the Bubbles space.

If you have any suggested improvements for the forum functionality, or find a bug, please let us know via the Bubbles Support Project (USUP) in the Adaptavist Tracker.

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