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1.0 Release Candidate

This is a public release of Community Bubbles release candidate 1. We don't plan to add any new features before 1.0, from here on it will only be minor bug fixes (if any).

This release includes some bug fixes and improvements and is recommended for anyone using earlier public development releases. Visit the downloads page to get the latest version.

Improvements in this release

User Interest Functionality

The User Interest functionality has received a face lift since the last beta release. It now displays photos of the users interested in a page or space. When viewing a page favourites or watchers, you can now view the page and space based interest in the same list or separate lists.

Bubbles CSS

With this release we have included some updated CSS files to make bubbles look a bit better out of the box. Every site is different though, so we have included an option to disable the Bubbles CSS if required. This should make it easier for sites that have a heavily customised theme to provide their own look and feel.

The custom CSS option is still there also, so sites that don't have major theme changes can easily make simple modifications to Bubbles content without needing to create a completely new theme.

Other Updates

Since the last beta release there has also been some bug fixes and updates to the Portal config screens and implementation.

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