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I am running Confluence 3.0.2 with Community Bubbles 1.5.2.

When I try to disable the Community Bubbles CSS* I get the error...

"You do not have permission to modify the global css"

I am logged in as the default 'admin' user that is created when you install Confluence.

I cannot override this in either the global stylesheet for the site or the space stylesheet.

Any suggestions as to what might be causing this?


  • it sets the body font-size to 12px for the forum which is different to the rest of the site and not the font-size I want to use.
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  1. Unknown User (skrebs)

    I think the error you get disabling the css is a bug in the 1.5.2 release. Please try the latest development build. (IIRC the font-size attribute has also been removed, it should never have been in there.)

    1. Unknown User (rjl)

      Thanks for answering Shannon.

      I experienced this on our evaluation installation of Confluence but am just about to start the production installation.

      I have tested 1.5.2 with Confluence 3.1 and apart from this bug it seems to work fine (I actually un-jar'd the plugin and removed the body style from the css in the end).

      Do you know if there are any problems with 1.5.2 on Confluence 3.1 (it is not shown as being supported) given that we should not run development builds in production?


      1. Unknown User (skrebs)

        There is some issues with the 1.5.2 release and Confluence 3.1 like:

        Depending on the functionality you use you might avoid these. :-/

        In terms of the development release, there is mainly just css updates to come before the official 1.6 build is put in the repository there won't be any new features now.

        1. Unknown User (rjl)

          I was just playing with 1.5.2 on Confluence 3.1 again and noticed that it did not display the avatar for the user in the forum.

          I will have a go with the developer build as initially we will only be using the forum functionality although we may start to use the other community functionality at a later date.

          Thanks for the quick response.